What Family History Program – Oxfordshire FHS meeting, 3 April 2017

On Monday, 3 April 2017, members of Oxfordshire Family History Society will discuss the topic  “What Family History Program”.

Previous surveys of OFHS membership have shown Family Tree Maker to be the most frequently used FH program. So Ancestry’s decision to stop selling it from 1st January 2016, and to stop supporting it after 1 January 2017, posed the question; “Now What Family History Program?”. The subsequent purchase of FTM by MacKiev has relieved the situation and promises the continuation of FTM updates and bug fixes but it still seems a good opportunity to address the other options available. As an established FTM user Jan Caddie will describe the current situation for this program and members of the panel will discuss other alternatives available including some or all of; Roots Magic, Gramps, GenoPro, Brother’s Keeper, or even PAF if anyone is interested!

We meet at the Exeter Hall, Oxford Road, Kidlington, OX5 1AB, with the meeting starting at 7:30pm.  Doors open at 7:15pm, when there will be a warm welcome for all.

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  • Thats a great suggestion Judy

    By Brian Dalby (28 March 2017)
  • As I live in Cornwall like many other members who live away – is there any chance for a summary to be posted either on the web site or for it to be in the next magazine. I would dearly like to know the pros and cons of the different options.

    By Judy Bleay (28 March 2017)
  • In answer to David’s very valid comment, there is no restriction on the programs to be discussed at the meeting. If anyone attending the meeting has experience of Family Historian we will be delighted to hear from them. I just happens that none of the existing panel members have that expertise. When we last explored this topic 5 years ago a survey revealed just one member using Family Historian. (Details are in the slides of the meeting at http://computer-group.oxfordshirefhs.org.uk/fhprogs/s00.htm ). If you or any other Family Historian user can make it to the meeting on Monday, come and tell us about it.

    By Alan Simpson (28 March 2017)
  • I have used Pedigree/Peditree for many years and found it very versatile. I will admit that Family Tree Maker is better for its variety of printouts. Afraid I live too far away to easily get to meetings.

    By Donald Douch (28 March 2017)
  • Just wish I lived nearer and could attend this meeting. I am going on SOG Study days in June on FTM which I use the MavKiev version

    By Brian Dalby (28 March 2017)
  • A shame that Family Historian, written by a Brit, with an on line users/support group (FHUG), that maintains a “Wish List” for developments, is not included by your panel. I have no commercial connection to the company (Calico Pie) but have used the programme since its launch at the SOG show at the Horticultural Halls many moons ago. Its creator monitors the on line list and is involved and supportive. (I could add “Support British industry” , but that might be classed as a political statement.)

    By David Gynes (28 March 2017)

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