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Brick walls and lost ancestors

All are very welcome at our next meeting , tomorrow, Monday 22 September 2014, when Dave Annal will talk about “Brick walls and lost ancestors: problem solving for family historians“.  It will be held at the usual venue at Exeter Hall, Oxford Road, Kidlington, Oxford OX5 1AB. Doors open at 7:15pm for coffee, the bookstall and genealogy and computer help.

Dave says: “Even the luckiest of family historians will come up against brick walls from time to time. We’ve all experienced the feeling that our ancestors appeared from thin air. This talk will aim to show that everyone left a paper trail and that it’s almost always possible to find it. It will introduce a number of strategies to help you get around the brick walls and dead ends in your research, paying particular attention to getting the most out of online databases and advanced techniques such as ‘family reconstruction’.

Dave has been involved in the family history world for more than thirty years in a number of different roles: he has worked as a professional researcher since 1984 and was employed by The National Archives at the Family Records Centre and at Kew, where he was TNA’s Principal Family History Specialist. He is the author of ten family history books, and is an experienced lecturer. Dave is currently working on a new book on death duty registers, while running his research business, Lifelines Research.


Dave enigmatically calls this image  ‘A Brickwall Solved’...

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  • Will look forqard to seeing items from the Brick Wall talk , this could be very helpful for me as I am unable to attend the meetings. which is a great pity but through the CD’s available have certainly gone back to the 1600’s. But now the brick wall is very much there and i just do not know how to get over, under or round it. Maybe when the results of this particular talk is published I may , I repeat May be able to go on again. Thank you.

    By Margaret Viner (26 October 2014)
  • Patricia

    It depends what you mean by “get a copy of” the talk. Certainly, we do not broadcast our talks, sell copies of them retrospectively or supply full transcripts of them.

    However, every talk is reported in detail in the “Oxfordshire Family Historian”, the journal of this society, which is issued to all members of the society some three times a year.

    In addition, some speakers allow us to publish any handouts or lists of sources that they refer to in their talk. You’ll find such material hyperlinked on our “Past Meetings” webpage at :-

    I hope that helps.

    Paul Gaskell
    Publicity Officer
    Oxfordshire Family History Society

    By Paul (29 September 2014)
  • Is it possible to get a copy of the “Brick Walls and Lost Ancestors” talk? Thanks!

    By Patricia Flores (26 September 2014)

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