Preserve those family photos and letters - Saving and cataloguing images - OFHS talk

Alan Simpson will be talking to Oxfordshire Family History Society this coming Monday, 2nd December, at 7:30pm in Exeter Hall, Kidlington, OX5 1AB, about saving and cataloguing on computer your photographs, be they family photos, letters, or local views and buildings.

We would be delighted to welcome both members and non-members of the Society.

Alan says:
“Drowning in a sea of images?  I will be talking about ways to store and back up your images, and the importance of cataloguing the images so you can easily find a specific one.  I will be explaining what software is available to do this job with the emphasis on making it quick and easy to create your catalogue, . . . . so it actually gets done!”

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  • Alan’s notes from the talk have been available via our past meetings page for a while:

    By Webmaster (02 March 2014)
  • Unfortunately living in West Sussex I was unable to attend the talk. But I’m about to start scanning and cataloguing a mountain of old family photos and documents. When will the write up in the OFHS journal appear as any help would be very welcome!!

    By Julia Vokes (24 February 2014)
  • I too am sorry I can’t get to the meeting to hear your talk.
    I’m particularly interested as I am currently using ‘PixFiler’ to index Pendon Museum’s estimated 50,000 photos and other images.

    By Howard Fuller (02 December 2013)
  • Can’t get to the meeting unfortunately, pity, as this is an issue I really need to address, especially the cataloguing, so I look forward to the write up in the journal or any access to Alan’s speaker notes on the web site.

    Hope it all goes well and no gremlins in the technology!

    By David Gynes (29 November 2013)

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