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Oxfordshire Family History Society launches Oxfordshire Surname Project

Look here to see the current state of the Oxfordshire Surname Project.

OFHS has started a new Oxfordshire surnames research project, examining surnames recorded in Oxfordshire parish registers from 1538 onwards, currently estimated at up to 20,000 key variants. The team is also using many other early recorded sources to build a comprehensive database of Oxfordshire surnames.  The aim is to trace their whereabouts in different parishes over time, their origins, hotspots, DNA connections and many other facets of Oxfordshire surnames. The project will take about 2 years to complete.

The project team is appealing for help in a number of ways:

  • Those who have a good recorded family history in Oxfordshire or who manage a one-name study would be welcome to contact the team with a brief description and their contact details, so that when their surname is analysed they may be able to participate in submitting content for that name. All significant contributors will be acknowledged.


  • People who have been DNA tested and are not yet part of the Oxfordshire DNA project on FamilyTreeDNA are welcome to join the project at this link. The team also welcomes help with publicity to encourage more people with good Oxfordshire ancestry to be DNA tested. As an incentive, Oxfordshire Family History Society has donated the cost of six Y-37 tests to be won in a competition. Any male (or female who could persuade a male relative to take the test) is eligible. We are looking for the six best candidates with good Oxfordshire surname history on the pure  male line (father’s father’s father…) going back before 1870 and with good personal reasons to think a DNA test will be valuable. All that is required is an email describing your known Oxfordshire male line ancestry, why you think a DNA test would be valuable and full contact details. Full Ts & Cs can be obtained on application. The closing date is the 15th June 2017. If you know of a friend, relative or neighbour who might be a good candidate, then do tell them about this competition. Please mark any emails for the competition with a title of ‘DNA Competition’.


  • If you are keen to help, there are a number of pan-Oxfordshire resources the team needs help in transcribing. Please get in touch if you are able to help. Many can be done remotely without being located in Oxfordshire. If you possess electronic versions of any early documents listing Oxfordshire names (for which you have obtained the original author or publisher’s permission for use), please contact the team.

If you have any queries, please contact Sue Honore via surname‑

Comments about this page

  • Paul,

    It’s good to see you are trying to get as far back as you can on your Eagleston family. We are researching Eagleston/Eggleston/Eggleton in our surname & DNA project. We would be overjoyed if at some stage you would have a Y-DNA test which would allow you to join our Oxfordshire DNA project. Contact me if you want more details.

    Sue Honore

    By Sue Honoré (09 October 2019)
  • I`m trying to get some details of my English Family. I know they go a long way back in English history. My great grand Grandfather was Job Eagleston, and my Great Grandmother was Emma Pearse. of Oxfordshire. My grand father was Samual Eagleston and grand Mother was Sarah Sewall. I hope this imformation is Ok. My Father was Harold Eagleston, and mother Irene Moores from Saint Albans Hartfordshire

    By Paul Eagleston (09 October 2019)
  • If anyone is local to Oxfordshire and can come to the AGM meeting on 24 June 2019 at Exeter Hall, Kidlington, I will be giving an update on the Oxfordshire Surname and DNA projects. I also hope to have a board where you can contribute some of your own surname knowledge. If you are male with an Oxfordshire surname going back into the 19th century and willing to buy a DNA test, I will be overjoyed. Do come along.

    Sue Honore

    By Sue Honoré (03 June 2019)
  • Hi David, I have completed some research on Hethe families for the parish web site. The first record for a Dagley which I found in parish records was for Clementia, the wife of John Dagley, who was buried in the church yard of St Edmund & St George in 1694. There are no Dagleys left in Hethe, but their could be descendants locally from the female line. For more details please see

    By Michael Green (26 October 2018)
  • Debbie,

    Thanks for getting in touch. We are certainly happy to have details of any of the Kimber family in Oxfordshire. We know of a few branches in the county. I will send you a private reply to discuss in more detail over your brother’s participation.


    Sue Honore

    By Sue Honoré (03 May 2018)
  • Hi,
    I think I have an Oxfordshire surname. It was Kimber and my great grandfather was William ‘merry’ Kimber who was born in Headington. I have traced as far back as my great great great grandfather and they all appear to have been born in Headington or Horsepath. I have a brother who may be willing to take part.
    Kind regards
    Debbie Hardcastle

    By Debra Hardcastle (02 May 2018)
  • Thank you, Tommy. We have your information and your DNA kit is now registered on the Oxfordshire project.


    By Sue Honoré (18 April 2018)
  • Hello Sue,

    I believe I followed the directions. Please let me know if I need to make any modifications.

    Thank you,

    By Tommy Bull (17 April 2018)
  • Thanks, Steve. Your comment on the Fryzer, Toby and Barlow families did come through. Many thanks for the information. Tracing names as being ‘Oxfordshire’ is always a challenge as it is essentially a transitory county with a considerable amount of movement through it to bigger conurbations and alternative areas of employment such as Wales. Having said that, we do count areas of Bucks, Berks, Glos, Northants, Warwicks close to the Oxfordshire borders as ‘ours’ if families were fairly settled. Having any infomation such as you provide though, with possible origins of families is invaluable to us, even if they came from afar.


    By Sue Honoré (28 March 2018)
  • Sue
    Not sure if my reply a few days ago got through?

    Looking at my notes, I wonder if Fryzer really counts as an Oxfordshire surname; although there are events in Goring, the family is mainly based across the Thames in Streatley. Two Hugh Fryzers (wills 1635 and 1677) were butchers. Origins appear to be Worcs/Glous/Herefordshire area – or North Hampshire, but I know of no firm clues where my Fryzers came from.

    Is Toby a Devon name? There were two broethers around in 1630. Thomas Toby had a daughter and his first wife died (in child birth?) that year in South Stoke. John Toby had his first daughter baptised at Mapledurham in Jan 1629/30.

    The lack of parish registers for Goring and Streatly before 1670s makes reconstructing these families very difficult.

    Nicholas Barlow married Ann Toby at South Stoke in Feb 1689/90. Where Nicholas came from is anyone’s guess!
    Subsequent Barlow families in Checkendon, Caversham, Reading and, especially, West Berkshire stem from this single event.

    best wishes

    By Steve Miller (28 March 2018)
  • Hi Candice,

    We’d be very grateful if your brother would have a DNA test. To help us it needs to be a Y-DNA test. 37 markers is fine, although 67 is ideal if you could manage it. You get a small discount if you join our Oxfordshire project and order a Y-DNA test at the same time.

    Go to
    Click on ‘Join Project’ and pick option B to pay for a test. Follow all the instructions to order the test.

    Do come back if you have any queries.


    By Sue Honoré (26 March 2018)
  • Hi Sue,
    The earliest record I have found so far is a John Dering signing an apprentice duties paid form in 1802 in Adderbury.
    There are Dearings in Fifield and I wonder if there is any relative connection there.
    My brother might be interested in taking a DNA test. Any test in preference?

    By Candice Dearing Levitt (26 March 2018)
  • Hello Sue,
    Looking at my notes, I wonder if Fryzer would really qualify as an Oxon surname? Although there are entries in the Goring registers, the family’s main base was across the Thames at Streatley. The latter’s registers don’t really start until 1679 so it’s difficult to place some of the Fryzers with certainty. There are two key contenders for origins; Gloucestershire/Herefordshire/Worcestershire or North Hampshire. Two Hugh Fryzers (wills 1635 and 1677) were both butchers – I’ve always wondered if there is a link to droving of cattle from Wales

    Is Toby a Devon name? There were two Toby brothers John (will 1658) and Thomas (will 1669) who were both carpenters. The former’s will mentioned property in Thatcham, Berks (may be a place of origin?) and the latter said his parents were buried at Goring. The earliest references I have are Thomas in South Stoke in 1630 (birth of daughter and death of first wife) and John’s daughter Ann baptised at Mapledurham in 1630. John is mentioned in the 1643 will of his father-in-law John Freeman of Mapledurham. Again, no parish registers for Goring before 1670s hampers research.

    Nicholas Barlow married Ann Toby at South Stoke in Feb 1689/90. Where he came from is anyone’s guess!
    Subsequent families in Checkendon, Caversham, Reading and very extensively across West Berks all trace back to this single event.

    best wishes

    By Steve Miller (25 March 2018)
  • Steve,

    Thanks for your names – Fryzer and Toby are much more rare, although we have a good number of Barlows so far. Do you know of any origins/locations of these names before they were recorded in Oxfordshire? We will add your names and details to our contact list and as we research individual names on your list will be back in touch with you.


    By Sue Honoré (24 March 2018)
  • Candice,

    Thanks for your family information. We’ll add them to the list and get back in touch with you when we work on those names. I know that Lanchbury, Trinder and Burson (and their variant spellings) are in our soon-to-be-published ‘top 400 priority’ list. Dearing/Dering is a bit more rare as there are not too many of them in Oxon, but obviously we are keeping an eye out for all surnames. If you know of any male Dearings who could have a Y-37 or Y-67 DNA test that would help our research efforts. If any more Dearings appear we’ll ask permission to put you in touch with each other.


    By Sue Honoré (24 March 2018)
  • I have the distinctive names of Barlow, Fryzer and Toby in the Goring area in the early 17th century.

    By Steve Miller (24 March 2018)
  • Hi,
    I have been researching my paternal line for awhile. Found your website and would like to add my names to your search. They are Dearing from Adderbury, Lainchbury from Adderbury, Flint from Bloxam, Oldacre from Witney and Spelsbury, Trinder from Charlbury, Busson, Eddan (Eden) and Newman from Spelsbury. Would love more info on Dearing (Deering or Dering) line. Thanks.

    By Candice Dearing Levitt (23 March 2018)
  • Hi John, There was also an intermarriage with the Kurtz family, John Kurtz and Annie Maud Stevens, married in Mudgee, NSW, in 1907. They were my grand parents. I would be happy to exchange information.


    By John Anderson (26 February 2018)
  • Tommy,
    We’d be happy to have you in the Oxfordshire project. To transfer and join the Oxfordshire project is a 2 stage process. Here are the instructions. Do ask questions at if you get stuck.

    If you want to transfer your DNA from Ancestry to FamilytreeDNA go to the following page and follow the instructions.

    Depending on the version of your test, various results will appear, but you may need to upgrade to get everything. The initial transfer however is free.

    Once you have your test on FTDNA then sign on with your ID and password and go to

    Click on the ‘join request’ tab and select option A (I already have a test) and that will put you in our Oxfordshire project. You can also search for other surname projects in the search box and might want to join them too if they are appropriate and they take autosomal tests – some projects only take Y-DNA.

    When you sign on to FTDNA your dashboard will come up and show your results. If you look in the top left of the dashboard there is your profile area. If you can go into ‘Manage’ your profile you will see a tab called ‘genealogy’. Select it. There are two options within it where we need your help. Please enter your oldest known ancestors (earliest known male on your pure male line and earliest female on your pure female line). Please squeeze in the place in Oxfordshire and dates the person lived as well e.g “John Bull, North Newington, Oxon C17th”. When you have done that, go to the surnames tab and enter one set of data for each of your surnames – Bull, Dean, Buswell, Wisdom, etc. Again please put the village/town in Oxon and dates into the location field. It may be a squeeze as there are not many characters but it really helps us to have these places and dates so we can work on your surnames. It also helps other searchers to check how they might match with you.You can also add in a family tree – either import a GEDCOM file or build one in the family tree section.

    Hope that helps, but do come back with any questions.


    Sue Honore

    By Sue Honoré (20 February 2018)
  • Hello,

    I saw that I could copy results from my Ancestry DNA to be a part of this group. My families are Bull (North Newington/Broughton 1700s), Dean (Deddington 1700s),
    Buswells (Westcott Barton & Hailey 1600s), Wisdom (Chipping Norton/ Wychwoods 1700s).
    Please let me know what I need to do next.

    By Tommy Bull (20 February 2018)
  • Sally,

    Thanks for posting your comment. I’ve sent an email reply to you with more information, but we’d be delighted for you to join both our Oxfordshire surname research project and the Oxfordshire DNA project (by transferring the results from Ancestry) with your husband’s family information.


    Sue Honore

    By Sue Honoré (08 January 2018)
  • I have been researching my husbands tree for 10 years and through his mother he has connections to Oxfordshire, mostly Woodstock and Wootton (near Woodstock) , many go back to the 1600s. Names include;


    He also has DNA on ancestry


    By Sally Kent (05 January 2018)
  • Hi Dee,

    I am also researching my BETTS family from Hanwell Oxfordshire. Would be interested in sharing information if you are.


    By Jane Andreychuk (14 November 2017)
  • Pip,

    Nobody has submitted anything on the Alden family to the surname project at the moment. If you have anything on this family we would be happy to receive it to add to the project.

    Also, if you go to OXSIL ( there are some people researching Aldens there. If you haven’t already, you might want to get in touch.

    Sue Honore

    By Sue Honoré (30 October 2017)
  • Has any one have details of The Aldens from Oxford ?

    By Pip Hemming (30 October 2017)
  • Edie,
    It’s great that you have a DNA test for your father. That will really help. Can you remind me which test was done and if you have joined the Oxfordshire DNA project?

    The data on the Walkers that you have sent is as much as we need for now apart from it would help if you could list the places that the various Walkers in your list were living at the time. Part of our project is to look at people linked to locations, so that extra data would be useful. Many thanks for your contribution and we will be in touch when we get to more detailed investigation into the Walker name.

    By Sue Honoré (09 October 2017)
  • Hi Sue. I have now got my Dads DNA results but not sure what I do now?
    Dads paternal line is ….
    Reginald John William Walker b1925
    William Walker 1879 -1941
    William Walker 1846 -1901
    William Walker 1812 – 1848
    Samuel Walker 1782 – 1864
    William Walker
    Let me know what other info you would like.
    Cheers Edie (Edith McIntyre – member number 7024)

    By Edith (08 October 2017)
  • Ray,

    Thank you for the Carpenter information. When we analyse the Carpenter name we will be back in touch.


    By Sue Honoré (23 August 2017)
  • Carrie,

    Thanks for your information. We will be back in touch for those names.


    By Sue Honoré (23 August 2017)
  • hello,

    been doing my carpenter family tree there mostly round southleigh and witney and ensham i have William carpenter dated back to 1689 its said he lived to 100 years old he died in southleigh in 1789. his wife’s are Elizabeth Hawkins and Mary lainchbury (various spelling of name)


    ray carpenter

    By ray carpenter (21 August 2017)
  • John,

    Apologies for the late reply but I have been away. I have added your families to our list and we will get in touch when we get to analysing Stevens/Parish/Plater/King.


    By Sue Honoré (04 August 2017)
  • Hi

    Think I might have missed boat but my ancestors Stevens/Stephens hailed from Bicester and Aylesbury.Paul Stevens was a bookseller and printer at Bicester and possibly London b 1700.His son Sewell was a Merchant in Bicester b1725.Their ancestors migrated to Australia in the 1840’s with Thomas Stevens.I am also looking at the Parish and Plater families and the King family who all married into the Stevens family.

    John stevens

    By John Stevens (25 July 2017)
  • Hi, I have numerous names from oxfordshire to name but a few – Long – from witney, long hanbrough and Asthall Leigh. Simms from chipping norton, rollright, great rollright and harwood from finstock, oh and Bond but I havent spent much time on that one of yet. I am willing to help and share information.

    By Carrie Bevan (21 July 2017)
  • Marion,

    Thank you for your family details. I’ve noted them for the surname project. As your DNA test is now in FTDNA all you need to do is go to and click on the ‘join’ button to become a member of the Oxfordshire project. Welcome!


    By Sue Honoré (04 July 2017)
  • Hi Sue, Hope this comes through to the right place. My Oxfordshire interests are COX from North Leigh. Other names pre 1800 VINER, BUCKINGHAM, and probably DAY. Very likely is BERRY c1790 also
    COX is my maternal grandfather’s line. I have done autosomal and transferred to FTDNA. Should I join the project too? I am very much a novice at understanding DNA


    By Marion Towers (04 July 2017)
  • Julie,

    That information is useful. Could you perhaps email me at with a little more information ion what you know of your PALMER/TIMMS/CLEAVER lines? Then we would happily have you as a contact on the surname project when we got to analysing those names.


    By Sue Honoré (02 July 2017)
  • Susan,

    If I understand, then both your parents have Oxfordshire ancestry but it is not recent and it is not in the 1700s either. That is absolutely fine – the older the ancestry in Oxfordshire the better. We are not interested in people who have only 20th century Oxford ancestry in the DNA project, but love people with 19th century and earlier and will accept people if there are 3 generations in Oxfordshire before 1880. If that applies to either/both of your parents, then get them to Join the Oxfordshire project at and be sure to fill in their profiles with the surnames that apply to Oxfordshire and the places and dates if known. That will really help us. Contact if you need help.


    By Sue Honoré (02 July 2017)
  • Edith,

    It would be fantastic if you could persuade your father to do a DNA test. We’d be very grateful. Go to and click on the join tab then order a test. Ask for help if you need it, from If you want to document what you have found on your father’s ancestry and send it to when you are ready, we’d be happy to include you in the project.


    By Sue Honoré (02 July 2017)
  • Hi….am currently doing my Dads ancestry. He was born in Horton cum Studley and his parents and grandparents were from the Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire areas. Names are Walker and Cox. I’ll see if he’ll do a DNA test.

    By Edith (23 June 2017)
  • I have ancestors not male line but through both mother a father to Oxfordshire, Clifton Hampden (father’s), DEADMAN and Bampton (mother’s), CARTER and SMITH. Both are early eighteen hundreds residents. I have tested both my father and mother with Family Tree DNAs Family Finder tests. neither hail from Oxfordshire. Y test is Rye, Sussex in early 1700s and MtDNA is Sheppey late 1700s.

    By Susan Curd (21 June 2017)
  • Hi, I have family history in Oxfordshire. My family name is Palmer which I have traced to Wroxton, North Newington, Neithrop, They have married into the Cleaver/Timms family from Wigginton. Let me know if this is of any use to your search.

    By Julie Palmer (19 June 2017)
  • Alison,

    Thank you. We will note your surnames and get in touch when we do those names. Unfortunately some of the press forgot to say that DNA competition is open only to males as it is a Y-DNA test being offered. if you have a male Shepherd relative who would be willing to be tested, do get back in touch. Alternatively, if you are keen on testing, please join our project anyway by buying an autosomal test (Called FamilyFinder test) for yourself, which women and men can do. Go to and then join the project and buy the test. We’d be very happy to have you as part of the project!


    By Sue Honoré (14 June 2017)
  • Hi, my mother was a Shepherd and we live in Wheatley. I can trace Shepherds back to 1714. Happy to give a DNA sample.

    By Alison Sercombe (13 June 2017)
  • I have my family tree going back to 1714. My mothers maiden name is Shepherd and we started in Great Haseley, moving to Wheatley which is where I live. I am connected to other oxfordshire names, Munt, Washington, King. I would be willing to donate DNA.

    By Alison Sercombe (13 June 2017)
  • Thanks, Mary. We’ve added your contact details to our list so we can contact you when we get to Whitlock.


    By Sue Honoré (09 June 2017)
  • My paternal direct line is the Norris family of Islip. My brother would supply DNA.


    By Mrs Lesley Cox (08 June 2017)
  • Hi, very interested in your project on Oxfordshire surnames. I have a fair bit of information on the Whitlock line if this is of interest.
    Hope to hear from you.


    By Mary Seagr (08 June 2017)
  • Sue,

    Thanks for the note on your 2 families. We’ll check your tree when we get down to analysing those names. Hopefully someone else may be able to help you on your brick wall.


    By Sue Honoré (29 May 2017)
  • Thanks Carol for your information.



    By Sue Honoré (29 May 2017)
  • Hi I have been researching my dad’s surname Howkins for some years now and his family were from Charlton on Ottmore and surrounding areas also his mother was from East & West Hanney Oxford her maiden name was Orpwood . I have a family Tree on ancestry and have got as far back as 1700 but keep hitting a brick wall any further back so I wondered if you may be able to help and if any of my research may help anybody I would be glad to help .

    By Sue Marshall (27 May 2017)
  • Hi,

    My 2xgt-grandfather is Spencer BENHAM, bn 11/7/1800 in London to James BENHAM bn 1776 in Woodstock and Sarah Ann Eleanor/Helena YONGE bn 1772 Kingston, Jamaica. James’ father was also a James, bn 1737 Kirtlington, whose father was William, bn c1709.


    Carol – in Sydney

    By Carol FOULGER (27 May 2017)
  • Ann,

    Dean is a name that seems fairly well spread, including around Oxfordshire. I’ll note your contact details and when we get to it, will be back in touch.


    By Sue Honore (24 May 2017)
  • Lynda,

    Those are two of the more unusual names, so it will be interesting to see what data we find on them. We will get back in touch when we get to analysing those names.
    Thanks for contacting us.



    By Sue Honoré (22 May 2017)
  • Thanks, Dee for giving us your surname details. We will contact you when we get to Betts. Have you joined OXSIL yet – There might be more local people also researching Betts who can help those overseas.

    By Sue Honoré (22 May 2017)
  • Hello, I have been researching the surname DEAN in Oxford. I have details of the family in Woodstock and Oxford City from the early 1800s. I believe this surname is not common to Oxford.

    By Ann Docherty (21 May 2017)
  • I’ve been researching my BETTS family from Hanwell and surrounding areas. Gone back as far as I can with records available to me living overseas.

    By Dee Scott (19 May 2017)
  • Hello

    I am responding to your request for information regarding the Oxfordshire surnames.

    I have traced my husbands’ grandmother in the name of Winnett, to the village of Salford, near Chipping Norton and have managed to obtain records back to 1786.

    Also, her mother’s maiden name was Farbrother and that family hailed from Great Rollright. So far, records have been traced back to 1720.

    If this information is of any use to you, please let me know.


    By Lynda Saunders (19 May 2017)
  • Thanks Sue
    I have just downloaded my Ancestry DNA to the project


    By Jean Toms (15 May 2017)
  • Robin,

    Thank you very much for your list of names. We will add them to the list and be back in touch later.

    By Sue Honoré (15 May 2017)
  • Hello,
    I’ve been researching various Oxfordshire-based ancestors, direct and more tangential, including:

    Osborn(e) (with certainty back to 1808; possibilities to 1600).
    Smith (originally Arlingham, Glos, 1806; Oxford from 1840s onwards) – boatbuilders & designers
    Piper (1803, Oxford; post office workers)
    Morley (bookbinders & similar; 1812)

    If what I have is of any use, please let me know.

    By Robin Somes (15 May 2017)
  • Thanks, Jean. Egglestone/Eagleston is one of our key names for Oxfordshire. We’ll note your details and be back in touch as we research individual names.


    By Sue Honoré (14 May 2017)
  • Gina – that’s great. We will note your details and contact you when we get to Cope.


    By Sue Honoré (14 May 2017)
  • Thanks,
    David. We’ll make a note of your Dagley name and get back to you when we are analysing that surname.


    By Sue Honoré (14 May 2017)
  • Hi Sue
    I am doing a Cope one-name study.
    My personal Cope ancestors are from Thame & I have a line from 1840’s back to early 1600’s
    Please contact me if I can be of help
    Regards Gina

    By Gina Cope (13 May 2017)
  • I’ve just come across your project and also just returned from a visit to Oxfordshire. My ancestors came from Heath and contain the names Dagley and Berry. The Dagleys have been traced back as far as 1586 this being John Dagley his grandson Francis born 1659 married a Lydia Inns, in 1717 a John Dagley married a Hannah Philips he was a yeoman and publican, his son John married Catherine Botterill and ran the Whitmore Arms at Heath, his daughter Susannah Dagley married James Berry about 1700 they had the White Hart Inn in Tingewick which records show was in Oxen but now is in Buckinghamshire. Their grandson John Berry ran the Royal Oak from where I have just visited and mailed them some information. Does anyone know of these two families, on my part there is only my cousin and myself .

    By David Howard (13 May 2017)
  • Thank you Sue, I’ll try and do that.



    By Julie Druce (12 May 2017)
  • Julie,

    Yes, your Druce information is useful to us and I’ll note your details so we can contact you when we get to it.

    For you, and anyone else who has been tested with Ancestry, you can transfer your results across to FamilyTreeDNA so it is in two places at once and so you can be part of our Oxfordshire DNA project.

    go to the following page and follow the instructions.

    Depending on the version of your test, various results will appear, but you may need to upgrade to get to view everything FTDNA has to offer. Best to transfer first and see how it goes. The initial transfer is free.

    Once you have your test on FTDNA then sign on with your ID and password and go to on the ‘join request’ tab. That will put you in our Oxfordshire project.

    Sue Honore

    By Sue Honoré (12 May 2017)
  • Hi my husband’s family on his fathers side are from Ducklington / Witney area and the family sees to go back quite a way in Oxfordshire. The name is ‘Druce’ and he has had his dna tested with ancestry. Is that of any interest?

    By Julie Druce (11 May 2017)
  • Sue, I have 3 families at the moment who were resident in Oxford, so that’s not many in the scheme of all names but there again it is not a particularly common surname. I have them as resident in Woodstock, Oxford and Bicester.

    By Colin Spencer (11 May 2017)
  • Thanks Sue
    My e-mail is Hogarthsue (at)
    Would my son be a suitable candidate for the male Oxfordshire Embury line? If so, he has also tested DNA with Ancestry and I am his administrator.
    I do have another male Embury contact here in the U.K. of my Great grandfathers line but don’t feel comfortable about persuading him to take a DNA test.
    I will transfer my DNA to your Oxfordshire project when I feel confident to cope with it, I’ve been meaning to transfer it to Gedmatch also but it’s getting enough quiet time to get on with it.
    Thanks for your reply and I look forward to hearing from you in the future.
    Suzanne Hogarth

    By Suzanne Hogarth (11 May 2017)
  • Colin,

    Thanks for the link to your website. Lefever is not one of our more common names in Oxfordshire but we will keep in touch with you on it when we get to the detailed name analysis stage.

    Sue Honore

    By Sue Honoré (11 May 2017)
  • Hello.
    My Oxfordshire Family names are Eggleston/Eagleston, Boddington, Jelliman/Jellyman , Reeves and Wells all from Steeple Westcott and Middle Barton area.

    By Jean Toms (11 May 2017)
  • I am conducting a Surname Study into the Lefever and Variant surnames. I have a few families bearing the name in Oxfordshire. Details of some of my research are available on and I can be contacted through the website.

    By Colin Spencer (11 May 2017)
  • Suzanne,

    Thanks for adding your comments on the Embury family. If you are happy for us to keep your contact details, we can get in touch with you when we get to doing the page on that family and ask for your input based on your research.

    The other thing you can do is transfer your Ancestry DNA test to our Oxfordshire FamilyTreeDNA project.
    If you want to transfer your DNA from Ancestry to FamilytreeDNA go to the following page and follow the instructions.

    Depending on the version of your test, various results will appear, but you may need to upgrade to view all FTDNA’s features for your test results. Best to transfer first and see how it goes. The initial transfer is free. Make a note of your FTDNA kit ID and password as they are critical for all transactions in the future.

    Once you have your test on FTDNA then sign on with your FTDNA ID and password and go to and click on the ‘join request’ tab.

    Finally, if you know of a living male Embury from this Oxfordshire line and can persuade him to agree to a DNA test then you can enter our competition to win one of six Y-67 tests. You can apply on his behalf with his approval. The information you have given so far is sufficient, apart from contact details for you both. Please send entries to

    Hope this helps,

    Sue Honore

    By Sue Honoré (11 May 2017)
  • Hello,
    I have Ancestors from Southleigh Oxon going back to 1656, the surname is Embury. I have an extensive Family Tree on Ancestry and have also tested my DNA with Ancestry. I have only one EMBURY DNA match so far and he is in Ontario Canada. My Embury Ancestors worked their way down the Thames Valley via Appleton, Easton, Shirburn, Pyrton in Oxon to London and the West London Brickfields. There are several of us researching our Embury families who I have contact with.
    My maiden name is Embury and you may be interested to know that the Christian name Tobias has been passed down the line since at least 1656. Tobias Embury 1656-1723 is my 5 x greatgrandfather and he is buried and has a headstone in St James The Great churyard Southleigh.
    My Ancestry tree is PRIVATE but I will open it up to interested parties on request, just supply an e- mail add.
    I would love to have the opportunity to also test my DNA with Family Tree DNA.
    I’m not sure I am replying in the correct place and have found this site particularly difficult to navigate.
    I hope I have given you enough information
    Suzanne Hogarth ( researching Embury’s for 50+ years)

    By Suzanne Hogarth (11 May 2017)
  • Tim,

    Thanks for the information on the Lybbe and Powys names and your website link. Looking at your website it is the Lybbe and associated lines on the female side that are likely to be of Oxfordshire origins. We’ll keep your details and get back in touch.

    Sue Honore

    By Sue Honore (08 May 2017)
  • Hi,

    I do hope I’m replying in the right place. I am hoping to respond regarding the appeal for indormaiton regarding Oxfordshire families. I have done quite a lot of research into the Lybbe and Powys families that lived in Whitchurch on Thames from 1526 to around 1858, though they did not finally sell their house until 1909. Most of my information is on my web-stie at and I may be able to provide any additional information if someone cares to get in touch.



    Tim Powys-Lybbe

    By Tim Powys-Lybbe (05 May 2017)

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