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Give a Christmas gift of an Oxfordshire DNA test

FamilyTreeDNA, having just finished one sale, now have another one on for the month of December 2018. If there is a male in your family who has Oxfordshire ancestors on his surname line, why not buy him a test for the holiday season? Y-37 is $99 and Y-67 is $179 so saving (in UK money) about £50-80 per test. See

We need more males tested for our surname/DNA project as we are beginning to gather together our results with big strides forward planned for 2019. So you’d be  helping the project enormously if you helped more Oxfordshire males to be tested. If you want to buy a Y-DNA test and join the Oxfordshire project in one go, then go to and click on the ‘join’ button then buy your test. We need you to send us your/the male’s brief family history when you have bought the test to show us your Oxfordshire connections.

Due to some benefactors, there are also reduced price tests available (and some are even free) for those males with the surname ancestry of TOWNSEND in the Drayton St Leonard/Abingdon area;  MILAM and variants from the Henley area; RIMAN/RYMAN/RYMEL; PRATLEY/SPRATLEY and two other tests if you have great Oxfordshire surnames we need – see our list of asterisked surnames at

Please contact if you want to discuss if you qualify for these special tests or have any questions.

Make your Oxfordshire DNA project administrators and surname researchers happy in December!

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  • Alan,

    We don’t do DNA testing ourselves but it is done through a commercial company. The one we work with – which does the most comprehensicve DNA testing and also allows volunteer groups like us to manage specific projects – is who are based in Texas. Hence the price is $. Hope that helps.


    By Sue Honoré (29 November 2018)
  • Why is this offer in Dollars?

    By Alan (29 November 2018)

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