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Surname variants SHURY, SAW, MOULD, LINDARS

We are working hard on our Oxfordshire surname project. Periodically we would like to get help from experts in a particular surname. If you can contribute to the discussion please contact us here or via surname‑

Questions for the start of 2019:

SHURY and SHEWRY seem to be spelling variants of the same name in Oxfordshire. Does SHIRLEY fit in with these names? Does anyone have some family history where SHIRLEY is mixed with spellings of SHURY/SHEWRY? Places like Thame and Witney have all 3 variants but are they different lines?

LINDARS is found in the Chipping Norton area early on but later appears in Tetsworth. Does anyone have a family history that shows where the Tetsworth family came from?

Does anyone have knowledge of SAW/SAWE and SOAR/SORE/SOR spelling variants being in the same family?

Does anyone have knowledge of MOULD/MOLD and the other versions MOULDER/MOULDEN spelling variants being in the same family?

All knowledge appreciated, especially if you have information from primary sources.

Sue Honoré

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  • Thank you, Pauline. Your comments are much appreciated.


    By Sue Honoré (23 January 2019)
  • Dear Sue

    Saw was written or transcribed as quite a few different names – Law, Low Son, Sun etc that is why it is so hard to follow back and also to read in the various records that they have in Aylesbury.

    Best wishes


    By Mrs Pauline Mary POOL (23 January 2019)
  • Pauline,

    Thank you for details on your Saw family from Towersey. Not sure I want to know it was sometimes written a ‘Law’ – yet another variant to consider (only joking, it’s useful to know!). We will document your notes and keep them for when we work on the name.


    By Sue Honoré (14 January 2019)
  • Dear Sue

    Meant to say that I do not have any variants in my family except that occasionally Saw is written as Law.

    Best wishes


    By Mrs Pauline Mary POOL (14 January 2019)
  • Dear Sue

    Please leave the Saws as they are my family – my Mother was one and although she came from London the Saws came originally from Towersey although they only had their children there & were buried there. They married at Hartwell Church which has probably fallen down now and a couple came from Oxfordshire. The main bunch lived at Chinnor and spread out from there.

    Thank you

    Pauline Pool

    By Mrs Pauline Mary POOL (14 January 2019)
  • Lewis – that you for that information. Interesting to see the Saws in your line came from Towersey in Bucks as did a few other final Oxfordshire residents.

    If you come across any variants at any time do tell us.


    By Sue Honoré (06 January 2019)
  • I have a SAW family, but sorry no variants. See URI below. Hope that helps.

    By Lewis McCann (04 January 2019)

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