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DNA competition

The requirement to be an OFHS member as of 30th April has been extended to end of May when the DNA competition closes, so for all people who want to enter the competition, now is your chance. Entries close end of May, so get writing.

If you have a long history of Oxfordshire ancestors, send 400-600 words on why a DNA test would help you with your family history to and win a Y-DNA (male line) or mtDNA (female) test worth hundreds of pounds.

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  • Hi Doug,

    In our DNA project we are looking for people with definite Oxfordshire roots and families and only accept those who meet those criteria. But we always encourage newly tested people to join a surname group too, so if any Oxfordshire Phelps come along we can recommend your project.

    Sue Honore

    By Sue Honoré (28 August 2013)
  • I am the FTDNA ydna project admin for the Phelps surname – mostly with tested Phelps in America. We are looking for Phelps who have tested whose lineage has always been in England. We may pay part or all of the cost for a Phelps YDNA surname test. I am not sure if this is the best place to announce this..
    Doug Phelps

    By Douglas Phelps (27 August 2013)

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