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Mitochondrial DNA sale for last weekend August 2015

FamilyTreeDNA is having a four-day sale on mtDNA . It will start Friday evening UK time 28th August and last through until about 6am on 1st September UK time. mtDNA will be 20% off the $199 retail, which makes it $159.20. Customers with mtDNA Plus will receive an offer for 25% off on upgrades, taking the $139 retail to only $104.25. These are the lowest prices FTDNA has had on mtDNA for a while, so if you are interest I’d buy/upgrade this weekend.

See for the home page or

if you have good Oxfordshire ancestry and are part of our Oxfordshire project. For queries about the Oxfordshire project, contact


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  • Pat,

    Thank you for your query.

    For you, you need to order a Y-DNA test of at least 37 markers, but ideally 67 or 111 if you can afford it.

    Your wife, being female, has more limited options. She can order a FamilyFinder test which shows ‘cousinship’ back 5-6 generations on both sides. If she wants to trace her pure maternal line (mother’s mother’s mother’s mother…) then she needs to order a mtDNA test. If she wants one of these, it is best to order it this weekend as there is a sale on. Of course, you too can order either of these tests for yourself, but the one you want is the Y-DNA. If your wife wants to trace her pure paternal (surname) line she would need to find a brother/father/uncle/cousin from that line to be tested instead.

    Providing you have Oxfordshire ancestry, then order the test by going to, click on the ‘Join Request’ tab and selection Option B to pay for a test – then order the appropriate test and pay. This will automatically put you in a pending file to join the Oxfordshire project and you will receive a welcome email from Richard Merry asking you for details of your Oxfordshire ancestors.

    If you have any queries on your Oxfordshire DNA do contact us at



    By Sue Honore (29 August 2015)
  • Sue,
    I have seen the offer on DNA tests and wonder which I should have. You kindly gave me some information previously which has become mislaid.
    My line has at least 2 paternal from Oxfordshire and maybe a third.
    My wife has origins from a great grandfather in Oxfordshire and I wonder if there is a test that would be appropriate.
    Naturally the costs of tests has a bearing and I notice they are in dollars.
    Miles Calcutt Hinton are in my maternal lines and the wayward male is Casey.
    Pat Inwood

    By Patrick Inwood (28 August 2015)

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