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The Wright Family of Grandpont 1914

In 1914 my family including our Grandfather, William Wright, his brother Vernon and sister Annie were photographed with their parents Mark and Edith and younger sisters Emily and Flossie. Their younger brother Ray was not in the photo but he later joined the army.
Vernon and William were sent to fight in Salonica where William, like so many other soldiers caught malaria.
Later they were sent to fight in Northern France where William was gassed and Ray was taken prisoner.
But they all survived unlike their Grandpont cousins two of whom were killed.
No one has yet discovered what uniform Annie Wright wore. But the sisters Flossie and Emily as well as their youngest sister Lily also married soldiers who fought in WWI.

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  • I apologize for one error in my story.
    Vernon and William Wright’s youngest brother was Martin Wright, Ray Wright was his son. Martin Wright fought in WWI and was taken prisoner.

    By Natasha Fiket (04 November 2023)

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