OFHS Search Service Process

Types of Search

1. Search for an Individual Event

Baptism, marriage, or burial for a specific person, or census entry for a specific household. If found, we supply full details. (See the individual indexes for the form these details will take.)

2. Search for a List of Names

Up to 70 entries for a specified surname, from a specified index. We supply just the index entries. If there are more than 70 entries these can be supplied for an additional search fee for each additional 70 entries. With popular names ask for a quote first! We can reduce the numbers by restricting to a specific forename, date-range or location.

N.B. Most people dramatically underestimate just how popular their names are. For example, the burial index contains 6500+ entries for SMITH, which you might expect; but also contains 540 entries for SLATTER, which you might think was a relatively unusual name.

3. Supplying Census Prints

Not really a search at all. If you already have census index information from microfiche or CDROM indexes you have purchased, you can use the Search Service to order full household details in the form described for the individual censuses below.

N.B. If requesting this service, please do not just supply the folio reference number. A folio reference specifies more than one page, and we need to know which page you want. So please include the name and age for at least one household member.

Ordering Information

All prices are quoted in UK pounds. Orders must be accompanied by a cheque for the total amount and a stamped, self-addressed envelope (SAE) for us to return the results to you. When choosing an envelope, please bear in mind that the results are printed on A4 sheets. For a small number of pages, a “DL” size envelope (110mm x 220mm) is best. This takes an A4 page folded into 3. If you are expecting more pages, the “C5” size (160mm x 230mm) is preferred and remains within the size limit for standard letters. Remember also to include sufficient postage. A standard first or second class UK stamp is now sufficient for 100gm. This represents an envelope and approximately 16 pages.

With the exception of full household details from the censuses of 1861 onwards (which are sent as prints of pages from the enumerator’s book), all results can be sent to you by email if you prefer – in which case no SAE is required.

Send all requests (except for the Strays & Strangers Index) to:

Dr Alan Simpson
Forest Farmhouse, Old Road, Shotover Hill, Headington, OXFORD, OX3 8TA

Email: searches@ofhs.uk

Please make cheques payable to O.F.H.S.

Overseas customers should send cheques in sterling and drawn on a UK clearing bank. Alternatively you may find it more convenient to order online by credit card, as described below.

Paying For Your Searches Online

It is now possible to pay for your searches online, using your credit card. You can combine as many searches as you want in one order and if you wish, you may also include other online purchases from the OFHS online shopping facility in the same order. Secure payments can be made via WorldPay or PayPal using any of the following:

Whatever your national currency, you can purchase at the British prices shown using your credit card – the final amount will be converted into your own currency and deducted from your account. There are various converters online that will be able to give you an estimate of the cost in our own currency.

Because searches are not a fixed-price catalogue item, you will not find a “SEARCH” button to click on our online shopping pages. Instead, here is how it works:

  1. You send an email to searches@ofhs.uk with details of the searches you require.
  2. We send you an email quoting a price for the search, including any postal costs involved. (So don’t forget to tell us whereabouts in the world you live!) This email includes a clickable link to our Search Service Order Confirmation page. The link uniquely identifies your search request and it is valid for one month.
  3. If you are happy with the quotation and want to place the order, just click the link. You will be taken to the Order Confirmation page, which will give you an order reference number and confirm the price.
  4. Assuming you still wish to confirm the order, you click the button to “Put Search in my Basket”. You will then be given the option to “Continue Shopping” for other items such as CDs. When you have finished shopping you will be taken to a secure website to supply your details.
  5. We will automatically receive notification that your search order has been placed and will go ahead with the search and email or post the results to you as appropriate.
  6. Note that if you are combining a search order with other purchases as described above, the search order must always be the first item you place in your shopping basket.

Please contact us by email at online-sales@ofhs.uk if you think anything has gone wrong with your online purchase. Alternatively you may also contact us by telephone on 01865 358151 (+44 1865 358151 from outside the UK).

Please note that the above email address and phone number should only be used for reporting problems with your online purchase. Requests for Search Services should be emailed to: searches@ofhs.uk or may be sent by post to Dr Alan Simpson at the address given above.

Sorry, but we are not able to handle Search Service requests by telephone.

Which products can be searched?

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