OFHS Search Services

Selection of early names from the Searhc services baptism list for the surname Buckingham

Family historians with links to Oxfordshire are fortunate in having a wealth of transcribed data available, as a result of the efforts of many volunteers over the years. Much of this has now been indexed and is held on computer. (This indexing is still ongoing. If you have a little spare time and would be prepared to help, we would be delighted to hear from you - get involved.) The indexes presently available are described in detail below.

The role of OFHS Search Services is to help you find people by means of these indexes.

Note that this is all that we can do. I am sorry, but we simply do not have the resources to do general research for people, nor to find data that is not included in one of these indexes.

When requesting a search, as an absolute minimum, please specify the following three things:

  • What type of search you want
  • Which index you want searching
  • The name(s) of the person or people involved

Particularly with popular names, it helps if you can provide suggestions for any of the following:

Date of the event, ages, locations, names and ages of other family members.

How do I order?

The sections which follow will provide you with more details about the types of searches we can offer, how to request a search and the indexes we have available.

Note that many of the indexes and transcripts used for the search service can also be purchased on CD or as downloads from our shop. If you have a large number of ancestors to find in a particular location, this can be more cost-effective than ordering a lot of searches.