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This was originally released on DVD (essentially an oversized CD), it does not, however, contain any video content. This downloadable version is still collectively referred to as a DVD below. The files are detailed at the bottom of this product description.

The principal contents of this DVD are scanned images of the eleven volume set of Oxfordshire Quarter Session summaries and calendars compiled by Canon Oldfield early in the 20th century. They cover the period from 1687 through to 1830. They do not represent the entirety of the Quarter Sessions records for that time period (Oxford City and some boroughs have their own records, see the extracts from the fifth edition of Quarter Sessions Records for Family Historians which are on the disc) but go a long way towards making these important and useful records available to family historians.

The DVD came packaged with copy of the OFHS Members' publication for 2007 – a 32 page A5 booklet containing a detailed introduction to Oxfordshire Quarter Sessions Records. This booklet forms part of the downloadable product (it is also in the data part of the DVD in HTML form).

First the data files:

  • OXF-QS-v1.0c(part) -- this ZIP file should be unpacked into a FOLDER that will eventually contain all the files
  • OxonQS_v[1-11] -- these 11 files are the big files (some close to 500Mb) that hold the scans of the eleven volumes.

Then the booklet - this is delivered as three PDF files:

  • OXF-QS-booklet-cover -- you might print this onto white card to form the cover of a printed copy
  • OXF-QS-booklet-A5 -- this is the full booklet as a sequence of A5 pages
  • OXF-QS-booklet-PP -- this may be more suited for printing your own copy onto A4 paper as it contains the pages arranged as printer's pairs

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