Introduction to using autosomal DNA

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Time: This talk will be over Zoom – Meeting will open at 7:15pm (UK time) and the talk will start at 8pm (UK).

Speaker: Claire Bradley

Summary: DNA testing is a rapidly growing new angle for research into your family history. This talk on autosomal DNA (the main type used for success) explains the terminology, what companies offer this service, costs and how to use this tool to progress your ancestry. It finds cousins matches for you and also provides an estimate of deep ancestral ethnicity. It will also discuss the ethics of testing and considerations regarding the possibility of uncovering a family secret

Speaker Bio: Claire Bradley is a professional genealogist based in Dublin, Ireland. She holds a Certificate in Family History from University College Dublin and an MA in the History of the Family from the University of Limerick. As well as taking on research for clients, Claire teaches a bi-annual adult education course in researching family history and regularly gives lectures to family and local history societies. She is a former chairperson of the Ireland Branch of the Irish Genealogical Research Society. She also helps run the popular genealogy forum. Her particular interests are genetic genealogy, Irish Quakers and Dublin records.

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