Family Tree Drawing

By David Hobro – Talk will be over Zoom and start at 8pm.

Summary:  This talk will be a look at the differences between using a genealogy program and a dedicated drawing package to draw out a family tree, the plusses and minuses of both approaches and a look at some variations we have done in the past. Although David draws out family trees as part of his business, the talk is not geared up to be a sales pitch – more of a chance to see what else can be done with a family tree.

Speaker Bio: David’s background is as an Electrical / Electronic system design for the Automotive and Fire Service sectors. Drawing a Family Tree is a similar task to mapping out an electronic system. How did the Genealogy bit start? Some 30 years ago he received a letter from a distant relative in the USA who was trying to research his grandfather which set hm off on the path to research his family tree and how to present his findings.

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