Crime and punishment in Victorian Britain

at Exeter Hall, Kidlington

by Simon Wenham; this talk commences at 8.00pm.

The Victorian period is often associated with lofty principles and pious individuals, but despite the nation’s success, there were considerable fears about law and order. Not only were some urban areas viewed as positively dangerous, but there were also a number of high-profile crimes that both transfixed and terrified the Victorians. This talk will explore the activities of the so-called ‘underbelly’ of society and the State’s attempt to control and punish criminality.

Dr Simon Wenham is a member of the part-time tutor panel of Oxford University’s Continuing Education Department, where he focuses mainly on Victorian history.

The hall will be open from 7.15 p.m. for refreshments, to browse books and to consult advisors about family history problems. Non-members can attend but there will be a small charge of £2 per head towards the society’s expenses.

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