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Library Sale

Sale of OFHS Library Books

(to members only)

As explained in the August 2013 Oxfordshire Family Historian, the research centre is being closed and most of the contents of our library are available for sale to members. Unsold books will be offered later to other family history societies and Oxfordshire libraries.

The library contains an interesting selection of family and local history books relating to Oxfordshire and beyond.

We have around 1500 books in the library for sale. Our priority in the dispersal of the books is that it should be to the benefit of the society and its members. We would like members to have the first opportunity to acquire these, by placing bids for them.

The list of available books is browsable in the attached pdf – the columns are explained below.

Members are invited to place bids for the books in which they are interested, by email or by post.  Please include the shelf number along with the title shown in the index and your membership number.  The closing date for the bidding is Saturday, 14th September. If two bids are received of the same amount, the earlier will be the winner.  A minimum bid of £1 per book please. P&P will be advised as the books vary quite a lot in size and weight.

Ideally we would like books to be collected from the Holford Centre in its last two scheduled openings before the end of the year, namely 19 November or 3 December, with payment on collection.

For non-local purchasers, we will post books out at that time on receipt of payment (by cheque or on our shopping cart, by arrangement).  We will charge for post and packing at cost; please contact Derek Powles, the librarian, before placing your bid if you wish to have an estimate of this.

Exceptionally, if a non-local member has made a winning bid and is coming to Open Day (5 October at Woodstock) we would be prepared to withdraw their book from the library and conclude the sale that day.

If you are interested in acquiring any of the books, please email Derek, the librarian, at , giving the full details of the book(s) in which you are interested, and the price you would like to offer.

We reserve the right to withdraw any of the books from the sale at any time.

Columns in book list

Column A:- The reference in this column is to the Shelf on which a book is kept.
The letter is to the ‘Stack’ and the number to the Shelf in the ‘Stack’. Shelves numbered down.
In the case of ‘CDs or Videos’, the ‘MCT’ refers to the Top of Metal Filing Cabinets.

In the case of ‘One Name Studies’, the ‘MCD’ refers to Metal Filing Cabinet Drawer and the number to the relevant drawer.

In the case of Microfiche/Floppy Disks, T1 refers to a Metal Index-Card Drawer.

Column B:- The references ‘SBF'(Small) and ‘LBF'(Large) are to Box Files in which the Leaflets/Small Books etc. are kept. Where possible, each Box File contains Small Books etc. on a similar subject or theme.
In the case of CDs, ‘CDRx’ refers to a CD Storage Rack.

Column C:- This column lists the ‘Old Reference Numbers’ that had been given to the Books over the years and before the storage system was changed. In fact, many books are marked with several different reference numbers reflecting various changes in filing.
The ‘Old Numbers’ are shown here as they are on the book

Where applicable, books are kept in alphabetical sequence of village names (Oxfordshire), County names etc.

Column D:- Title of Book.

Column E:- Name of Author(s) or Publisher.

Column F:- Date of Publication or of the Edition.

Column G:- Which Edition or if a Reprint etc.

Column H:- Indicating if the Book is for ‘Loan’ or is for ‘Reference Only’ at Holford Centre.

Column I:- Type of Book etc. as follows:-
C/SBK Church and Small Booklets.
CDs CDs for reference only at Holford Centre.
GIBSON J.Gibson Guides. Many available on OFHS Book Stall.
Local Interest / LOCAL I. Books of Local Interest and normally for loan. Some available on OFHS Book Stall.
MCL E.McLaughlin Guides. Many available on OFHS Book Stall.
MI’s Monumental Inscriptions. A very few Bound Copies that should now be treated as Reference Only at Holford.
Most Monumental Inscriptions are on Microfiche and some on CD. These can be purchased or be viewed at Holford.
MIS Miscellaneous Books – usually for loan.
ONS One Named Studies – submitted by Members. For reference only at Holford.
REF Books Etc. for Reference Only at Holford Centre.
LBG Books for Loan on General Subjects.
LBO/C Books for Loan on other Counties/Countries.