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Exploring Oxfordshire Surnames

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Exploring Oxfordshire Surnames: People, Places and Lives.

A series of fascinating essays on different aspects of Oxfordshire surnames – from medieval surnames to 19th century life in four Oxfordshire villages; from DNA to trade and religious networks of families in the county. Based on numerous years of research and written by a group of experts on their specific topics, this book will be of interest to both family and local historians and is packed full of Oxfordshire surnames and places.

Contents (330 pages)

About the Authors

Fourteen chapters:
  1. What is an Oxfordshire Surname?
  2. Oxfordshire Surname Variants
  3. Oxfordshire Population
  4. Migration in and around Oxfordshire
  5. Oxfordshire Surnames Derived from Place Names
  6. Medieval Bynames and Surnames in Langtree Hundred and the Wychwoods
  7. Advertising Family Businesses in Oxfordshire
  8. Oxfordshire Village Life: Changes in the Nineteenth Century
  9. Tracing Coopers in Oxfordshire
  10. Oxfordshire DNA
  11. Surnames of Roman Catholics in Oxfordshire
  12. Methodists in Oxfordshire
  13. Quakers in Oxfordshire
  14. Implications for Family Historians

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