The Great Exhibition 1851 & Albertopolis

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Peter Lawrence

This is a Zoom meeting.  The Zoom meeting will open at 7:15pm (UK time) and the talk will start at 8pm.

Note: Between 7:15pm and 7:55pm we will have breakout rooms where members can talk about various topics, determined nearer the date of the meeting.

Speaker:  Peter Lawrence

Talk Summary:  In this talk Peter outlines the history and success of the Great Exhibition of 1851 and it’s amazing legacy that we can still enjoy and benefit from today.  Given the number of people that attended the Great Exhibition there is a good chance that one of your ancestors was among them.  If they didn’t attend theirselves they probably did know somebody that did attend.

Speaker’s Background: Speaker’s details: Retired member of Royalty & Diplomatic Protection at Scotland Yard. President of Woodford Historical Society & Member of Woodford Nat. Trust Centre. An Adult Education Tutor of local history, residential architecture and environmental
studies with adult colleges and special interest groups including Denman, the WI Video Hub,
U3A and National Trust support groups. Author, broadcaster and Freeman of the City of
London, Peter and his wife moved to Norfolk from Essex in 2011.

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