The Commonwealth Gap. Issues researching your ancestors around the period of the English Civil Wars.

Anyone lucky enough to trace their ancestry to the 17th century will face undoubted challenges from gaps in parish registers and the upheavals of civil wars. In this talk Else Churchilll will look at problems and solutions that will inform genealogy research in this century.

Speaker bio:

Else Churchill is the Genealogist at the Society of Genealogists in London with nearly 40 years of experience as genealogist and educator. Else lectures regularly for the Society of Genealogists, The National Archives and for local groups around the United Kingdom. She has also lectured extensively in Canada, New Zealand and the USA and will shortly be speaking in workshops in Australia. Along with teaching the Pharos course on sources for the long 18th century her main research interests lie in the seventeenth century and sources for people who lived through the English Civil Wars and enjoys trying to help American genealogists cross the pond to discover the roots of their colonial ancestors. Her own family history research is concentrated in SW Herefordshire in the 1670s but having exhausted most of the surviving local sources for this period and with little chance of taking her direct ancestry back further, she has recently been concentrating more on 20th century scandals in her immediate family.

This talk will take place over Zoom so is only available to members.


Before the talk starts at 8pm we will be running breakout rooms, the topics being covered include:

Military Records;
The Bicester Area;
The Genealogist (the website);
Making the Most of Family Search;
and Genetic Genealogy.

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