Annoying Ancestors

By Gay  Evans.   The talk will be over Zoom with the meeting opening at 7:15pm and the presentation starting at 8pm.

Talk Summary: Annoying Ancestors is an anecdotal story of how to search for your ancestors, highlighting the challenges they may knowingly or unknowingly have put in your way. New and experienced researchers will find this talk features obstacles to consider when tracing your ancestors. She hopes that her presentation, Annoying Ancestors, will inspire you to begin or will help reinvigorate your family history journey.

Speaker Bio: Gay has 34 years of family history research experience. In 1987 her Mum gave her two decorative single-family tree documents by Moses Knighton, her maternal Great Grandfather. She had no idea that this gift would ignite a lifelong passion for her ancestors’ lives. Gay says, “All I can say is wow, what a fascinating journey it has been and still is. Learning about the lives of my ancestors has given me a greater understanding of my heritage. It has also been reassuring to find out that my ancestors were human. They have loved, wept, felt joy, felt anxious and fearful, worked hard, a few have been lazy, they have been honest, or told half-truths or just sometimes, told a downright lie. Whatever they may or may not have done, they are my family, and I think of my ancestors as amazing and brave for surviving some very challenging times. I am proud of them all.”

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